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In St. Petersburg, held annually dozens of interesting cultural events. Unfortunately, their coverage in English at this time. Therefore, we recommend you use the Russian version and an online dictionary.

Фонтаны Петергофа Famous fountains of Peterhof
At 10 am from the mouth of a lion bared cock a column of water to a height of 21 meters, then blossoming flower grow eight jets from the jaws of dolphins ...
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Welcome to St. Petersburg

«Prev all this beauty - the fuss and smoke" - sung once Mironov, floating images of the film in the channels of St. Petersburg. This line from a poem by Boris Ahmadullina. Petersburg city in general, the number of works of art on that and kept it long ago turned into a quality, making our "Venice of the North" in the surprisingly strong magnetic pole of aesthetics, history, culture and science.

St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, "Pale, thin, evroglazy passer," so obviously, well not like the mother of Russia, however, the capital of our culture. And if "Paris is worthy of the Mass," then St. Petersburg in the Imperial denies any compromise, as each guest consumes entirely in love with themselves to frenzy, leaving in his heart aching sense of boundless admiration and adoration for life.

What's Mass, St. Petersburg deserves life!

"Pan Leningrad, I had a crush on your steely eyes" - this is the love poured out in verse now, following the tradition of the great Pushkin, cried a few centuries ago: "I love you, creation of Peter!".

Palace Square in St. Peterburge change for their historically short life (from the 3rd century), three names, becoming the cradle of three revolutions, St. Petersburg really went "from rags to riches." At once impassable swamp rose the palaces of St. Petersburg, comparable with the best European royal houses. Next to the palaces were erected Orthodox churches - the guardians of the country and ancestral beliefs.

These palaces eventually turned into museums of St. Petersburg, became close to the best museums in the world. And these museums and monuments of great nurtured by his successors, not only worthy of Petersburg's, but also world fame. Such, probably, and I saw Peter, the fate of the majestic city - the capital of a great state.

It's your power to cool a genius
Our Caesar, Augustus, our Lycurgus!
And the echo of your aspirations
Lives to this day St. Petersburg!
- Exclaimed Bryusov.

Monument to Peter the Great in St. PeterburgeTakova world harmony, poured into the city. All the monuments, palaces and sights of St. Petersburg - are creations of human talent, genius, inspired by the beauty and daring idea of the covenant of its creator intended to celebrate Mother Russia. And no, it seems that no single point of St. Petersburg, not praised by the poet, the artist does not imprinted, not cultivated architect or a sculptor.

But the lights flooded Petrograd,
It magnificent luxury boom,
It thought tirelessly stings
It is drunk secret poet.

The majesty and beauty of St. Petersburg is unique and can not be separated from its main artery - the Neva River. "Long said verse Neva" - brought forth the result not only practical but creative significance of this river city Marshak.

Fountains of Peterhof more than 30 km Neva circles in the city, dressed in his regal granite beautiful waterfront, where 42 islands of its delta are joined into a single city 300 bridges thrown across the rivers and canals. The Neva and you can ride to Peterhof - another pearl of Russian unrivaled ceremonial architecture and fine arts.

To as "Neva P. near you - all the lions," it refers to B. Okudzhava, finding her "eyes" not only the forces of inspiration and life. The "Neva Petrovna" and there is stone and steel, cast iron and suspension bridges, the uniqueness and beauty that is best opened by river boat or kayak outing.

Drawbridges in St. Petersburg during the White Nights Of course, the magic - it's movable bridges of St. Petersburg, where divorce can even watch from the observation deck of St. Isaac, where kindly provided this midnight service.

Divorcing the bridges of St. Petersburg, the most magnificent fountains on the Neva River in the downtown area - a whole extravaganza of water, stone and light in motion, opening an enthusiastic look at the most poetic time - the white nights of St. Petersburg. ("Your dress and white head I forget the third century did not give").

That's the white nights - the most beautiful week in St. Petersburg, have long favored by foreign and domestic tourists for romantic getaways in the city.

Red Sails in the holiday Peterburg at White Nights in St. Petersburg celebrates the City Day, and in the midst of their best graduates of the Petersburg schools celebrate their triumph - "Scarlet Sails".

Of course, St. Petersburg, despite its monumental granite stone statues, always changing. Changed and attitudes, understanding it - is "Gogol's Petersburg", "Pushkin's Petersburg", "Dostoevsky's Petersburg," he felt the time Decembrists, revolution, the Red Terror, totalitarian empire, is, at last, and "Black Dog Petersburg" Shevchuk - time political perestroika and the collapse of the USSR. Discovering St. Petersburg through the eyes of genius created it, we can not only enjoy the beauty of their creations, but also to join the great wisdom of life itself and its endless harmony.

So now this city is conceived as a fortress and blossomed as the capital of a vast empire, towering majestically over the river the real strength of national culture, to escape the beauty and faith, and preserving the beauty and faith for all of us.


1 The white nights of Petersburg
As they are beautiful... Every one should at least see the bridges of white at night.
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2 Alumni Celebration Red Sails
A wonderful celebration of youth and excitement for all graduates and guests of St. Petersburg.
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